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Concrete Leveling & Repair - Light Broadcast Epoxy System

Complete epoxy system including stem walls and extensive correction of improperly sloped concrete including grinding and buildup to make the drain system functional. This provided a beautiful protective coating over the concrete that is non-porous and easy to clean!

Epoxy Garage Outcrop Broadcast Polymer Flake.jpg

Installed a Polymer Flake Epoxy System

Originally we installed a broadcast flake epoxy system. The client loved it so much in his shop, he asked if we could to it in his garage so we said sure and were able to remedy some issues along the way. 

Garage Concrete repair & preperation.jpg

Grinded Concrete and addressed sloping issues

Our concrete leveling and repair service addressed sloping and drainage issues for a client who was unsatisfied with a previous contractors work. We then performed concrete grinding, followed by cleaning to ensure proper epoxy adhesion, resulting in a durable and long-lasting repair solution. 

Light Broadcast Garage 3 Car.jpg

Finished Epoxy Flake System with Polyaspartic

The finished product was exactly what the client was hoping for. We poured a tinted grey epoxy, filled in with flake in a color of his choosing. Then we applied two coats of polyaspartic for additional strength and UV stabilization.

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